A Sunday Afternoon at Ironstone Vineyard

Continuing along our adventurous day up North, we made our way up to Murphey's California where the amazing Ironestone Vinyard is located. We had lunch, did some wine tasting, visited the museum and walked around seeing the sights of the unique and classic little town.

The museum located at Ironestone Vinyard has a safe that holds an extremely huge piece of gold they found in the 90's. The value of this gold today is well in the millions and quite a sight to see! We'll have to thank Huell Howser (from channel 6 KVIE) for showing my dad how to find this beaut! 

We took the elevator down to the amphitheater stage where my mom, my sister and I all began to pretend we were a famous singer who had sang on that stage. My sis and I pretended we were Reba singing "If I'm not the one". My mom sang her version of Faith Hill's "Take another little piece of my heart". We tried to persuade my dad to sing some George Thorogood or John Fogerty he laughily declined.

I enjoy taking photos of different signs, I'm not really sure why, maybe it's because they don't move and they're easy to photograph. But here were some of my favs.

Axel is quite a wiggly and rambunctious little guy!

So the story behind the wheel is my dad saw it on Huell Howser and  he had asked several people where to find this thing. Once we came upon it it was a definite picture-worthy moment. The wheel spun around and allowed you to go in or out of the courtyard behind us.

I love days like these, days with the family and enjoying the outdoors and beauty around us. We celebrated Father's Day the way my dad loves to. He's so easy going, and enjoys the simple things in life. One quality I really admire in him. Happy Father's Day dad, Love you!



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