Father's Day in Columbia

My dad has been wanting to go to Columbia for years. So we decided for Fathers Day we'd take the curvy drive up and go for the day. My dad is one of the funnest people to travel with because he can find beauty and unique things anywhere he goes. I decided to take along the camera and practice some shooting since there is so much to see there.

We grabbed a some snacks at this local Saloon where the locals were quite characters themselves. Pretty neat little place!

My dad and his first grandson (my nephew) Axel, hanging out in the saloon.

We stumbled across this sweet old man who had the sweetest words to say to me. He then asked my birthday and told me a little about myself, it wasn't quite right on, but I went along with it. He then proceeded to tell a little about everyone according to their birthdays, he described my dad to the tee and also told Brandon he was technical, genius-type material and WILL own his own business one day. I like the sound of that! :)

I loved this old barn, it had an old stagecoach in it and so much history everywhere you looked. Brandon is one of my favorite subjects to take pictures of because he will stand there forever until I get the camera settings right and even though he is somewhat out of focus I still love this photo.

We moved on to the blacksmith of the town who wasn't too photogenic but sure was making some pretty cool creations. 

There just happened to be a classic car show going on the same weekend we were there, if you know my dad, that was the cherry on top of his Columbia outing on Father's Day!

Not one of the funnest things I've ever done, but definitely one of the best memories I will have with my dad, PANNING FOR GOLD! We stood in front of the gold panning place when I told him I'd never panned for gold before. He tried explaining to me how its done, where you find it etc. He finally gave in and said "C'mon! I'll show you how to do it!" So we went in and bought our pans and began walking towards the water trays filled with dirt. I heard  my dad then say "Okay, how do we do this???" God love him! :) hehe

Me in one of the awesome Davy Crockett hats from the gift shop. Brandon had said he didn't see me starting that trend anytime soon. A girl can try right? 

We took a water break from the scorching 100 degree temperature at another saloon. As we walked in a local was singing some great tunes. He took notice to Axel and began to sing to him "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on his guitar. Axel was in LOVE! 

It was not the biggest town, nor the fanciest but was one of the funnest and a lot of great memories were made that day in Columbia.



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