Beauty in the Backyard

I've been pretty good at going out a little each day and practicing shooting different things. After all, practice makes perfect right? I had an idea to make something easy and unique. One of my favorite areas in my house is our entry way, because of all of the photos and the way I have things set up. I love to stare at this frame I have, it has many abstract photos and when all put together they spell something. They're quite popular. It is one of my faves.

 I wanted to make my own with things a little bit more meaningful. So I went out into the backyard and began my search for things that resembled the letters I had in mind. I love how each of the photos are something familiar from our home!
The "L" is a small part of the concrete and brick wall we have in the backyard, the "O" is a hole in our side fence, the "V" is some branches from one of our Maple trees, and the "E" is a wire on the outside of one of my hanging planters on the patio. After some editing time on the computer I was finally finished! Here is the final product! I hope to take the individual photos and frame them like the one above. 



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