Practice Makes Perfect

I love taking photos. I am always the one at family functions, outings and events with my camera out. I think it is such a great thing to document good times and good people and then years later reflect, laugh and reminisce about the occasion. My husband (being a photographer) a lot of times doesn't bring the camera or doesn't see the same things I do. So I just made the decision he needed to teach me! That way I can do it on my own and he can be in some photos once in a while too.

His patience baffles me, one quality I admire in him so much. Not once did he ever get frustrated, irritated or even give up on helping me. I bet it helps that I am quick learner too! :) At one point I felt so proud when I snapped a photo and looked at it and (to me) it was one of the best photos I've ever taken! I was really proud and the look on his face when I showed him told me he was impressed too. 
These are some of the times I love the most, the sweet time we spend together and finding a new quality to admire about my husband. Here are a few of the shots I took.

--This was the photo I was really proud of--
--Practicing the focus and some different angles--
--The photos of Pippa are challenging because she moves a mile a minute, but she was too cute to leave out!--
--Out of focus? You bet! But the smelling the camera face was priceless--



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