Sweet Summertime

My favorite time of year! When school(work) is out, the BBQ is hot, pool is cold and good times are ready to be had! The last week of May is always going to mark the beginning of one of my favorite times of the year. Its the time the school year is just winding down, a wedding Anniversary of me and Brandon is coming and also the infamous Patterson's Apricot Fiesta is near. This marks the beginning of our sweet summertime.
 I decided to start blogging again, I still have my separate blog of all of my cake work, but really missed blogging and reminiscing of personal memories and sharing chapters of our little book we call life. So I decided to start up a new one!
The end of May is also about the time the greatest baseball team makes its way to us, the New York Yankees! Its becoming a tradition of ours to attend at least 1 of the 3 games they play in Oakland. And of course, its always fun when your fellow fans attend too! The weather was beautiful, nobody got shot (hehe) and the Yankees swept the A's for every game that weekend!
Our unplanned and great taste Yankees outfits and an interested spectator behind us :)
I have never ducked so fast as when a foul ball came our way! My bare-handed uncle reached out to catch it as it bounced off his hand and he let out the loudest "DAMN!" I've ever heard. It even left a memorable red mark on his hand. Next time Stephen, next time.



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