DIY Quote on Canvas

I have been slowly working on making my bedroom a place I LOVE to be in. It really is coming along and already one of my favorite rooms in the house. I came across a quote I just fell in love with and wanted to incorporate somewhere around the house. I thought it would be perfect for my favorite room of the house.

I went to Michaels and using one of my 40% off of one item coupons I got a large rectangular canvas, white acrylic paint and also an oil paint to add dimension under the acrylic paint.

I applied the oil paint in random spots on the canvas and made sure after going over with a brush to let it stand and be uneven. I did not want a "perfect" look I wanted a distinctive, unique texture as a background.  The oil paint did take 3-5 days to dry. After it dried I applied the acrylic white paint with a paintbrush. Using a ruler and a pencil I made lines to ensure the words would be straight. I wrote everything out in pencil and went over it with a black Terra Cotta Marker. I would have liked to use a Permanent Deco Pen but Michael's was completely out. I could have put a layer of gloss, protect-ant or Modge Podge  over it all but I wasn't sure if they would effect the letters at all so I just decided not to. It's going on the wall and probably won't be bothered anyway.

"My definition of love is being full. Complete. Beauty is something you see. Love is something you feel. " -Sharon Tate


 -All done!-
-View of texture-



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