Small Steps toward a Bedroom Makeover

So I have been so inspired as of late thanks to the DIY network, I have been wanting so badly to make our bedroom a place I actually like to go to sleep, fold laundry and wake up in. I can now say it is a work in progress! I've moved full speed ahead with plans to make our bedroom a place I LOVE to be in. With a busy schedule I'm finding the time to make little improvements here and there. 

In one week I have repainted  our nightstands (they were a craigslist find for $30 for the pair), repainted and added new knobs to an armoire my sister gave me, recovered a cane-back chair, made new pillows for our bed and found a few things around the house to decorate with. 

Still on the to-do list: repaint the walls, buy a rug, hang some photos in frames and get a gigantic full length mirror. Baby steps but the future sure is looking bright! Here are a few photos of what I have done so far. Not ready to reveal the whole room yet! Stay tuned!

These nightstands were originally black with a brown drawer, I thought I'd lighten them up a little.

My little helper (Pippa), making sure nobody touches the sandpaper!

I want our bedroom to look very elegant. So I went with fabric that had some shades with metallic in them.



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