Some New Year's Eve Prep!

New Years Eve is upon us! Looking back on 2012 there is SO much to be thankful for. We are truly truly blessed every day with new opportunities, health, family and friends, our home, our lives and so much much more. If you have not yet viewed some of our favorite memories of 2012 you can do so here

So I have been flooded with thoughts about what to wear to our New Years Eve bash tonight. I have been really trying as of late to not go to the mall and buy a new outfit every time we attend an event. So I thought maybe this time I'll find something I already have in my closet! 

I was going for something sparkly, so I pulled a few things I thought would be NYE appropriate with some sparkle and shine. Here are a few of the contenders in the running! 

I just got a fresh Pale Pink Shellac Mani right before Christmas, so I really don't need to go out and get a color change but I did want to add some glitter and shine. Thinking I might add the confetti glitter (left) on top of my shellac for a pop on my nails!

I am in LOVE with this new Smashbx Studio Pop Palette, the colors do not crumble and fall off of your eyes and the colors are AMAZING (and so is the price)! I will venture out of my "smokey eye" and the nude browns and use something a little on the edgier sparklier (is that a word?) side for tonight!

And I couldn't leave out my little helper (Pippa) who was DYING to get in one of the pictures (she literally cries and barks to get in the pictures!) She's such a sweet girl!

I will post the outfit I chose and probably some "interesting" photos of our New Years Eve night out! Happy New Years Eve everyone!



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