A New Day, A New Year!

The first day of the new year was such a relaxing and tranquil day. Brandon and I rang in the New Year at my moms New Years Eve Bash with beloved family and friends. We celebrated with fun and festive Lemon Raspberry Martinis, delish appetizers and yummy desserts! We played the hilarious and great game Taboo and had such an enjoyable evening!

The outfit I ended up choosing was fun, sparkly and also quite comfortable! I put this little number (below) together and then after hair, makeup and putting it on I wasn't thrilled with the frilly shirt under the jacket..It just wasn't "me". (Please excuse the cat hair on my jacket! Gotta LOVE lint rollers! )

So I moved onto Plan B. Hoping I would like it and wouldn't have to move onto Plans C-F. Luckily, it looked really cute and definitely was NOT an outfit I had to be fussing with all night! I really hate those..

-Here are some photos of our New Years Eve Bash!-

-My sister and I above sipping our Lemon Raspberry Martinis. I'm not into a very strong martini, these honestly take like cotton candy. They're AMAZING! I linked the recipe above!

-My two best friends, Brandon (my hubby) and Lisa (my little sis)-

-Brandon was being paparazzi and snapping photos on the sly while I was talking! Or in this one, listening!-
I spent the first day if the New Year with a warm Starbucks in the morning, a Peppermint Mocha Candle lit beside my massaging jetted bubble bath and enjoying some favorite movies like: The Hangover, What Happens in Vegas and Easy A.

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Years Eve and the first day of 2013! May this new year bring you blessings and joy each and every day. Thanks for stopping by! Happy New Year!



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