A Bench Makeover!

I have been making small improvements here and there to our home lately. Now that spring has sprung one of my favorite things to do is put on my Yankees cap, some holey jeans, grab some iced tea and go work out in the yard and around the house. I have been working on making the front porch an eye appealing entry way. (That is another post though!) I got the idea while laying in bed the other night (funny how the greatest ideas come to you when your almost halfway asleep!) to redo the old bench I have on the side yard and replace it with the one on the front porch. Once I get the one off the front porch it can go back to accompanying the rest of the patio set in the backyard and one day (hopefully this summer)  I can make the back patio a beautiful sitting area outside. But for now, it starts off with just a bench makeover. Enjoy!





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