A Trip to the Zoo!

We decided to venture out on a little day trip and wanted to go somewhere Maverick would enjoy. We decided to visit the Sacramento Zoo for the day. It was such a beautiful day, the weather was perfect and Maverick loved seeing all of the animals. His favorite by far had to be the giraffes. I have never seen him focus so intently on something before. He was probably stunned by their size! The giraffes are by far my favorite too.



We stopped to look at the monkeys for a bit which are always fun but I started getting nervous when one of the female orangutans had her eye on Maverick. They are pretty far from the tourists but she was staring and so focused on him! We think maybe she thought he was one of hers? It was pretty interesting but a little scary at the same time!







We went for a ride on the carousel and I was a little nervous since Maverick has never been. I wasn’t sure how he would react or be scared or absolutely love it. Leave it to my little guy as soon as the organ music started and we slowly took off Maverick lit up and started “Oooing” Brandon caught a great photo of him right as we were taking off, you can see my reaction to his “Oooing” and I thought it was so adorable. This is one of my favorite photos of him and I. One I will remember and treasure forever. It was a great first carousel ride!



We plan on going back soon, this zoo is such a family friendly place, very clean and the animals look very well taken care of. Plus they have great food and kid friendly rides!



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