Ottoman Makeover

I purchased this ottoman at an estate sale about 4 years ago. It has really been with us for quite some time and not just stuck along the wall in the garage waiting for a makeover like most of my other “projects”. This little guy has been in our living room, used for a step stool and has really hung in there! I have a love for mid century modern, even though that is not what is really in my house. I still love the clean lines and can only imagine what a neat time that must have been. I wonder what the little stool has been through and what it’s story is? Anywho! Getting back on track, when I saw it for $5 bucks at an estate sale I knew it needed a little little love but it would be a quick fix so I had to have it!
Like I said, needed a little love right?
DIY Ottoman
I wasn’t really wanting to go buy fabric and new stain for such a small project so I grabbed some burlap from a project long ago, some Mahogany Stain I had in the garage, sandpaper and my staple gun. And got to work sanding away the legs of the stool. It has metal tips on the ends, I just left those kind of rustic. I didn’t feel like painting them gold, it may have looked kinda neat but I was kinda diggin’ the look!
Ottoman Makeover
I just have to share this staple gun I found at Lowes a few weeks ago. It honestly feels like a child’s toy! Before you give it to your children, it has the same capability as a staple gun of this stature. It works amazing. It’s light weight, easy to refill and doesn’t scare the beejeesus (did I spell that right?) out of you when your stapling Best of all, it was only $12 bucks! I LOVE it!
Ottoman Makeover

And..Tadddaaa! A new (to us)ottoman, the refreshing feeling of finishing a DIY project and a new beginning for this guy! The mahogany stain was a close match to what was on there but the sandpaper really helped get some of the little knicks and cuts off!
Ottoman Makeover-1
I found the perfect spot for it in our entry way!
DIY Ottoman
Thanks for reading, catch ya next time!



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