Circus Party DIY

We started planning Maverick’s first birthday party in February. We have a rather large families on both sides and there’s really no such term as a “small” party in our vocabulary. We picked the circus/carnival theme and ran with it! Once we had a theme I began working on decor and ideas! Who doesn’t love a good D.I.Y party? I wouldn’t have it any other way and since my son will eventually call the shots for his future birthday parties I took full advantage of making the decisions for him!
I started by going to Hobby Lobby and picking out some fabrics in the cutest patterns I could find. Wanting to stay with red and white theme colors I found the traditional yet modern take on the Circus stripes. The stripes were an absolute must-have! The next pattern was a white on white polka dot. From the right angle you can see the dots and they are just to die for! I ended up sewing pennant banners, table runners, pillows and a ruffled floor length table cloth. We were so busy that day I didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked but here are the ones I was able to get!
These striped pillows were the ones I made. They were a 20 x 20. The Popcorn and Ticket accent pillows my mom and I stumbled across while we were at Kirkland’s one day. I just couldn’t pass these up! They were perfect for the theme! They also have them in black! I figure we can reuse them one day in a rec room or a even a theater room. (Hey! A girl can dream right?!)
Circus Party-1
Circus Party-2
Circus Party-4
Circus Party-5
The ruffled table cloth I made by watching a tutorial online. I wish I could claim this one but I found this tutorial on Youtube and measured everything out so it would fit my outdoor patio table perfectly. It was a little tedious but I would have to say I pulled it off! It didn’t look half bad for my first attempt at sewing ruffles. I will definitely utilize my sewing machine for more projects after this. I changed the layers to fit the floor length of my table and went from there. Like I said it was a little tedious but well worth the work! (Pardon the wrinkles!)
Circus Party-16
These boards were so adorable and gave the perfect amount of photos I wanted to share of Maverick’s first year. I found the corrugated metal boards at Michael’s and the circus marquee letters were actually ornaments( Not sure why they had ornaments in March) But they were like gold sitting on end cap! Not to mention they were on clearance so I was all over that! I hot glued magnets to the back and voila! They were the perfect showpiece to display photos of my sweet boy’s first year!
Circus Party-14
Circus Party-9
Circus Party-10
Circus Party-11
Circus Party-12
Circus Party-13
The table runners I just did super quick. (Fabric was from Hobby Lobby) I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on fabric so I didn’t bother to sew a seams. They looked great even without! I measured them out to the length and width of  112in x 13in. and made simple cuts. The stripes on the fabric really helped to make straight cuts!
Circus Party-15
The buckets were from Hobby Lobby and actually galvanized when we bought them, which was okay but I wanted them red. But, there is nothing a a little spray paint can’t fix! We sprayed them red and they were done! The buckets had a balloon weight put in them (bought fromDollar Tree) and then was topped with Peanuts I bought in bulk at Winco.
Circus Party-22
The balloons were the splurge of the party. They definitely weren’t needed but Maverick and the kids LOVED them! The colors and the visuals the balloons brought were so cute! Not to mention we had balloons leftover for days and Maverick loved having them in the living room the following week after his party! My mom and I did all of the balloons ourselves. I love spending time with her even when it’s sitting on the floor at 1am twisting balloons and watching Dateline Reruns! Those are good times I will never forget. Balloons were all bought from Oriental Tradingand helium was from a local place in town. I know you can also get smaller tanks from Hobby Lobby, Wal Mart and party stores!
Circus Party-18
I bought other snacks and treats that were great for the Circus theme like Cracker jacks and Cotton Candy! The cotton candy I bought on Amazon from the Rainbow Cotton Candy Company. It was tasty, colorful and had the quickest delivery!
Circus Party-20
Last but not least there was this little cutie Maverick just adored!! I bought this little guy off Amazon and it is still roaming the house! Maverick loves to walk by and give it a good 1,2 punch! Poor thing! They hold up great though, have a leash to tote them around and they are hilarious with their little walking legs! We call this one “Purp” and I’m pretty sure he will be folded up into the baby book!
Circus Party-24
Circus Party-23



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