Maverick turns 1!

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Our first born baby, Maverick; turned one this month! It is such a bittersweet time in his and our lives. He has grown and learned so much in such a short time and to see him grow everyday is not only so joyous to us but also brings a little sadness that the days of being a “baby” are quickly closing in and being a “big boy” is right on the horizon. Bittersweet is the only way I can describe such feelings.
Maverick has been walking since he was right around 10 months! He is starting to get those little legs ready to run! (Especially when he hears Bubble Guppies or Barney on the tv!) He is “giving 5”, waving (backwards, to himself) but waving, dances, grins from ear to ear and loves teasing the dog and his cousin Axel (who gives the best reaction when he takes his toys!) Maverick drinks from his sippy cups but still enjoys his bottles most definitely! He recently has a love for applesauce and fruit pouches which he carries around to eat and sometimes has a trail of applesauce of where he squeezed out too much.
Maverick had his first taste of cake a few days before this on his real birthday. He got his own cupcake and got a taste of something he liked. So when we placed his entire mini cake in front of him he knew exactly what to do! We didn’t let him eat the whole thing, he probably would have if we let him but who wants to clean that diaper (NOT ME!) so to save us all including his little tummy from getting upset he only had some bites off of the back of the cake.
I was so excited to make his 1st birthday cake, I know the day will come when he won’t want me to make him a cake or he will want something else and I’m okay with that. But in the meantime I am so happy I was the one who was able to make his first cake ever for him. It’s a very special thing for me. 🙂
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Circus Party-Maverick
Happy 1st Birthday my sweet little boy! We love you.
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