Movin' On Up! (Kinda)

Moving Tips

We have decided to take the plunge and buy our own home! We are so excited for such a new chapter in our lives! It’s a little scary embarking on such new territory and the process of what goes in to buying a home. We have been looking since March and are still searching for our first home. We have looked at quite a few already (13 to be exact!) and we just haven’t found “the one” yet. I’m sure we will find our home soon but in the meantime we feel this is a good time to grow our faith and teach us patience.
With all of these changes happening we thought it would help us out a lot if we simplified things financially. So, we are going to be staying with my parents until we find our home. My mom and I get a long really well so we are both actually a little excited and pretty ecstatic that we’ll have a “Bachelorette watching partner”!
It’s sad to close the chapter on the home we’re in now, we have so many great memories here. This is where we brought our baby Maverick home, fixed his nursery up just for him. It’s where we brought our dog Pippa home, spent the holidays ,shared good times and even shared some sad times. We will miss our beautiful home, our gorgeous neighborhood and our friendly neighbors. We feel so incredibly blessed to have been in such a wonderful home and area for the first 4 years of our life together but we are are just as excited to soon be in a new home we can really make ours.
As we close the chapter on one part of our lives, we open ourselves up and embrace the starting of a new one. The transition of it all is intimidating especially since we need to have complete faith that the Lord has our next home and plan mapped out for us. There is no doubt in my mind he will deliver.
I have started packing things in boxes and throwing  a lot of things away. Maverick keeps a close eye on what I’m doing and even pitches in a hand or two to help. I have found numerous things he has thrown into the kitchen boxes already (I.E The baby monitor viewer, Bubble Guppies DVD’s, toys, my hairbrush, half eaten applesauce pouches and some other random things I have found in the boxes already)
My sweet boy helping! I can just imagine Maverick’s little voice coming down the hall saying “Don’t forget this mom!”
So for now things are a little intense with getting over the big 1st birthday party last weekend, packing, cleaning and a big move this week and setting our sights on the future and what it holds for our little family.



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