A Small Town Festival

When you grow up in a small town it is only customary to attend the town’s biggest event of the year. I grew up attending this festival every year. I have fond memories of being able to take off with my friends, roam the street fair craft booths, get a henna tattoo, a face painting, visit the quarter (and straw!) taking monkey, participating in the small town pageant, winning first place in the Apricot Baking Contest, having fun on the rides (the giant slide was the best!), surprising my parents by bringing home a hard earned goldfish or hermit crab winning and even brought home a rabbit one year! (all separate years but it happened!) Not to mention indulging on some of the best festival food. The corn dogs, fresh squeezed lemonade, loaded sundae cone and teriyaki chicken skewers were a few crowd favs.
I told Brandon this year It’s funny how as you get older the fiesta stays the same but your view on things seem to change and your mindset has grown so much from when you were small. I remember being so young with no worries running around all weekend with my friends. Now my mindset is all about my son, his safety, his nap time soon approaching, making sure it is not too hot for him, he has his sippy cup of water, has his sunblock on and keeping him from harm all while still trying to enjoy yourself. It can be a bit challenging taking a 1 year old to a festival but when it was all said and done he had a great first time at the Apricot Fiesta!
We watched the parade where a lot of local businesses and groups put together floats and throw out candy. Maverick was pretty excited to see Olaf from frozen walk past him along side a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and a minion who was gettin’ down to the music! We shared a jumbo corn dog for lunch which he LOVED and then moved on to the petting zoo. He loves animals and loves to tease them way more! (He is a bit like his grandpa I’d say!) He started casually petting a little donkey and then looked at me smiling while taking a little tug at his hair to see what his reaction would be. It definitely wouldn’t be like his pet Yorkie Pippa’s that’s for sure! We quickly moved along to some baby goats, piglets and a big mama goat who was expecting. He didn’t like the baby sheep in his face and didn’t hesitate to let him know by pushing him out of the way. (I promise we are working on the “nice hands” as much as possible!) After the petting zoo adventure it was almost nap time but we couldn’t leave without sharing a freshly made from scratch Apricot Ice Cream Cone. We walked home and shared the sweet treat.




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