Just Keep Swimming!


We have had a few really hot days this week to welcome us into the new summer season! When I say really hot I mean 104-105 degree days! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen the picture I posted the other day of my little fishy in the pool for the first time! It was a perfect day to beat the heat and get in the water. This has really taken Mav some time, our first attempt was a big fail. The life jacket overwhelmed him and the water being brisk may have also been a factor to the first fail. This time we had success though! I took some photos so we could remember his first time in the pool.
Maverick got into the water slowly, mom and dad were right by his side. He did so well and was playing and laughing in the water and actually was wanting mom to let go of him (which was NOT going to happen!) I stopped calling his life jacket by that name and started calling it “his shirt” that way when we tell him to put his shirt on he is totally okay with it! It works like a charm! ;). It does make him off balance when he is outside of the pool and it’s full of water. He had a “Randy in the Snow” moment on the grass for a few seconds. (You must be a fan of A Christmas Story to get that one) All in all I would I’d say it was a great day and great memories were made! What are some fun ways you escape the heat with your little ones? We would love some new and fun ideas! Hope everyone is having a great week!
BTW- These swim Diaper things are pretty awesome. They are basically a washable swim diaper and can be bought at Target.  It beats buying the throw-aways! Check them out here!
I love this photo of us holding on to each other, although I’m sure I was much more scared than he was! Check out that Mom Grip!
Just splashing on the steps!
PS. I’d like to apologize for the annoying little black line in the photos. A few of my phone’s pixels are either scratched or broken, I plan on visiting the Apple store this week!



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