Lake Tahoe Getaway

A favorite place of ours to get away for a weekend is Lake Tahoe. It’s picturesque mountains, Crystal blue lake and entertainment are hard to pass up! Not to mention it’s not too long of a car ride! We haven’t really had a getaway since February and with all of the stress of moving and our house hunt a trip was long overdue!
We left Friday and took the scenic ride towards Nevada. Maverick is still adjusting to being in his new car seat and longer car rides so it was interesting to see how he would do! He surprisingly did really well! He slept quite a bit of the ride ( while we dubsmashed all of our favorite movies), he watched some of his favorite movie (Frozen) and munched on snacks here and there. Mav had a mini meltdown right as we were driving into Tahoe. It wasn’t too bad though!
One of the highlights of the trip was that the Celebrity Golf Tournament was going on that weekend and it is always fun and exciting to see so many celebrities out and about! Brandon’s mom and dad we so kind to watch Maverick for us while we went out to the casino for a few hours on Friday Night. We were able to see Kevin Nealon (who wasn’t very friendly at all) Ray Allen (who gave me the “whats up” nod and smile) he was singing kareoke with Charles Barkley, then we walked right past Jerry Rice, and Roger Clemens (who I missed but my mom saw, dang it!) There were quite a few other basketball and football players and someone who was announced as a Super Bowl Champion but I wasn’t really paying attention. They were literally everywhere! I’m not a huge sports person so I would have no clue who they were if it weren’t for their unlikely size giving them away!
We spent Saturday on the beach of the gorgeous Lake Tahoe. The weather was perfect and sadly the Lake was so far out from the drought but it actually worked out really well for Mav. Since he had a ball playing in the shallow water! It does get deep but you really have to walk pretty far out! The water was perfect for Maverick though! It is so calm, hardly pulls and the sand is so nice there. Mav really loved it! We played with his sand toys, his beach ball and munched on snacks. It was quite the perfect day!
Sunday we did some strolling and shopping on the boulevard it was pretty busy! We stopped in at the Nestle Toll House Bakery where they make warm fresh cookies! Maverick enjoyed a fresh chocolate chip and it was about the size of head! We would have loved to stay a bit longer but it was just a quick getaway and reality was calling us back home! Maverick did pretty well the ride home. He was pretty exhausted from a busy weekend, being off of his routine not to mention all of the Mac and Cheese he devoured that weekend! We definitely know his fav, that boy loves his carbs! We have a few more smaller fun trips planned for this summer so we look forward to those! I put together a quick little Lake Tahoe weekend getaway with videos we took with the GoPro over the weekend! Enjoy!



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