A Weekend of Yard Work!

One of the things we are pretty excited about our house is the transformation is going to undergo. With our love of photography, blogging and videos we are so excited for all of the “before and afters” and documenting the whole process of fixing up our home! We started off by clearing out the front yard. This actually took us 2 weekends. My family helping one weekend and Brandon’s helping the other.

Fixer Upper-EDIT

Fixer Upper-3 EDITED

Now we still have quite a bit of work to do, but this was a great start! This yard was pretty overgrown and lifeless looking. I have been watering the lawn on our watering days for about a week and we can already see new grass coming up. We plan on seeding in the fall to fill in the patchy areas but we’re slowly bringing it back little by little! The whole side yard was literally a jungle of weeds and plants about knee high. They were no match for the chainsaw and got cleared up pretty quick. The big huge bush to the right by the bedroom window was one pretty hefty project! My dad took off quite a bit last weekend and Brandon and my father in law finished it up and removed the stump the next weekend. The stump was the worst part but low and behold, it is now gone and that corner is begging for a beautiful Japanese Maple or Fruitless Olive Tree!

Fixer Upper-12

Tea anyone??? I had to snap a photo of some of the stuff we found hidden among the bushes and the side yard. I’m not really sure why someone would hide a tea kettle in the brush, but it was there! Along with a mini guitar, a plate and some more garbage!

Fixer Upper-11

My father in law has pretty much every tool known to man for landscaping! He trimmed up the edges of the lawn which were WAY overdue and growing weeds onto the sidewalks.

Fixer Upper-10

Cutest little face snacking on muffins, helping me clean and get started on some trim painting in the house. In actuality he was eating muffins, playing with the mini broom and climbing up the step stool. I’ll just be real here. (PS. Our previous owners had quite the artist in the house! There are remnants of artwork in every room in the house!)

fixer upper-13
I worked on some painting in the house that morning which can be quite a challenge with a toddler on the loose. He pretty much ignores the paint for the most part as long as he is occupied.. I snapped this photo of what happened right after he ran out of muffins to eat.

fixer upper-14

Fixer Upper-9

Fixer Upper-4

Bran taking a quick break in between working. He fit right along with our address sign (a whole blog post in it’s own coming soon!) We really need to get some chairs to the house STAT!

Fixer Upper-6 edit

The vinyl edging between the sidewalk and the lawn acted as I guess sort of a partition type thing, it was horrible to say the least. Warped, broken and 1970’s eyesore to say the least! We couldn’t have been happier to rip this up and toss in the bin! 1970’s you can have your vinyl edging back!

We have a fairly older sprinkler system installed in the front, which makes us very happy! It saved us quite a bit of money and it’s actually a pretty great little system, old, but it works great! The sound of the sprinklers going was music to our ears! A sea of green shall be popping up in no time!
We still have some improvements for the front of the house coming up: new exterior paint, rain gutters, landscaping, a new front door, window and door trim and new porch accessories. So stay tuned, we will update as we go! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂



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