Aguiars Are Home!

After 5 months of house hunting we finally can call a place “ours”! We found a great home, wonderful location, quiet little town and exactly what we were looking for! We wanted a place we could really make ours, customize it the way we would like, have plenty of space to grow and room to play. One of our favorite things about this house is the lot size it sits on. It sits on a very quiet street on a quarter acre lot! We are so excited to have a huge backyard, garden area and hopefully one day a chicken coop. ( Still workin’ on passing that by Bran but I love the idea!)
We have already started mapping out projects and have sort of a timeline set up of what we want to be done before we move in. We definitely have some work to do but luckily it is pretty much cosmetic work and fun projects! Maverick has been to the house so many times and loves running through the house and looking out of the big windows which are low enough for him to get a perfect view. I want to do a whole house tour but it would be quite a long post and would have SO many photos! I figure I can do blog posts on whatever we are working on and go room by room!
We are so thankful for this time in our lives, we have been dreaming of this for quite some time. The whole process of house hunting and learning everything that goes a long with it has really been a test of patience, a great learning experience and we can only give thanks to our Lord for guiding us through the whole process, putting the right people in our path and steering us away from the wrong ones. There really is no explanation for how things align so perfectly but they just did and for that we are so grateful. Praise be to him.



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