Color the Skies 2015

Color the Skies 2015-3
For the longest time I have wanted to attend the Color the Skies event the town of Ripon puts on every year. This year was the year we finally got to do it! We have wanted to attend for several years now but the start time is somewhat out of reach for us since we tend to sleep in on the weekends. (Correction: USED TO sleep in on the weekends) This year I really wanted to take Maverick but the start time didn’t sound too appealing. (Be there at 6am! Yikes!!) I guess Mav had a different agenda though because he woke up at 5:15am which is pretty unlike him but we just decided to roll with it and make the drive over to Ripon.
We are sure glad we made the decision to go because we were just in time to see some hot air balloons getting ready to take off! We did see some balloons ready to lift off and some even in flight while we were driving which made the ride over a bit more fun! I had never seen a hot air balloon in person so I was pretty excited and surprised at the sheer size of these things! They are just massive! Not to mention all of the beautiful colors. The hot air balloons are really a sight to see!
Maverick was in awe the whole time. He wouldn’t take his eyes off of these balloons even for pictures. Hence, why we have no photos of his face! The noise of the flames may have startled him a bit so he was definitely keeping a watchful eye on those things! He also would not leave our sides (which is unlike him) and when we would put him on the grass he would put his arms up and want to be held.
Color the Skies 2015-6
Color the Skies 2015-4
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Color the Skies 2015-1
Color the Skies 2015
Color the Skies 2015-7
Maverick was making the noise of the flames on the car ride home. it was pretty cute and a nice reminder to just roll with an early morning and make the most of it! We are sure glad we did!
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