The Power of Steam!

Moving right along in our home renovation we are moving on into the kitchen where we have cleaned, painted and currently are renovating cabinetry, hardware and shopping around for counter tops. We plan on putting in new flooring in the kitchen and the connecting laundry room however, it is not first on our list of “to do’s”. So in the meantime we have to get used to this yellow 70’s lineoleum while we get other parts of the kitchen worked out. For now I wanted it as cleaned up as possible in case we have Mav at the house and also for my own sanity of not having to stare at such a mess on the floor and wall.
We recently pulled out the old stove in the house, from the looks of the stove it probably hadn’t had a decent cleaning nor had it been moved in (just guessing) at least 10 years. It was pretty awful inside and out. We removed the oven and plan on getting a new gas range in the future but what was under and behind this thing is a blog post in it’s own! We disconnected the gas line to the stove and moved it out. The mess that was behind and underneath was pretty unreal!
I borrowed my moms Shark Pro Steam Mop to use on the house while were renovating, once I saw this mess I knew the steam mop would probably help with the leftover mess. I used the cleaner that is suggested to use with the steam mop and also went over after with a wet rag and Diluted Pine Sol/ water spray bottle mixture. I had to do a before and after shot of this because I was pretty proud of what the steam mop pulled up. This was caked on old sticky food and grease. I plan on using this steam mop way more in the future, it really is a miracle worker!
Steam Mop Cleaning



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