How to Make a Chalkboard

Things are still currently under construction in our new home like the kitchen and and soon a bathroom renovation will be underway so it’s nice to step back and let the professionals take care of the bigger stuff and be able to focus on some of the little things I wanted to complete before we move in. I wanted Maverick’s bedroom to be a fun place to be for him and I wanted him to have a space that he can play in, keep busy and also sleep in as well. I also want to get him started on being organized as soon as possible. I’m not sure if he will have that OCD organization attribute like his mom but one can dream right? I have a few plans for his room like some custom wall storage bins I want to build, making dividers for his toy box, a play table and chairs set and one of my favorite plans I just completed! It is a framed chalkboard for a smaller wall in the room. I wanted the chalkboard to match his big toy box his auntie made him just this last Christmas. (You can see photo of that here) The toy box has a rustic/ Modern feel and I wanted to incorporate more of that look into his room since he is getting a little older. I want his room to feel a bit less “baby-like” and a little more “big boy- like” if you know what I mean. With that said I took some measurements of how big I wanted the chalkboard to be, wrote the measurements down and headed to Lowes! I found a thinner piece of plywood that worked perfectly for the board part (I believe that was about 1/4 inch plywood) and then I also purchased 4 pieces of the pre-sanded wood (Those were 1 x 4 x 8 ). I also picked up a miter box from our local hardware store so I can cut angles. I have never used one before but I’m so glad I got one! They work great and are a handy tool to have for a beginner like me! (I get a little intimidated by the power saws but I’m coming around to them!) I had my dad make the large cut for the plywood with his saw. I made the plywood board to the measurements of 33” tall x 45” wide. I believe Lowes and Home Depot will also cut the wood for if you ask! There is also a quick video tutorial below that I put together to learn how to make a framed chalkboard! Enjoy friends! Thanks for stopping by! ๐Ÿ™‚

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For the frame I measured the lengths and made 45 degree angled cuts using the mitre box and handsaw. Once I had all the cuts I fit the frame together like puzzle pieces! It turned out great!

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Once I had the board and frame cut to size I started on the chalkboard. First I used the Rustoleum Magnetic Primer. I did 1 coat, waited an hour to dry and then added a second coat. I was excited about the magnetic primer because not only will Maverick have a chalkboard but it will also double as a magnetic board as well! This is totally optional but well worth the extra money in my opinion!

DIY Chalkboard-1

After the magnetic primer I used Valspar Chalkboard PaintI applied 2 coats of the chalkboard paint which made the project take an extra day since the directions say to wait 24 hours until recoating. I wanted to make sure there was a thick coating of chalkboard paint on there and it turned out great!

DIY Chalkboard-8

Once the chalkboard was complete it was time to stain the frame. I picked this stain by Minwax in Jacobean. I love the rustic color it gives the wood and still allows the grain to show through!

DIY Chalkboard-7

When using the stain I made sure to go the extra mile and do the entire board not just the front pieces. My OCD will drive me nuts I can see naked wood from any angle at all. I just stained the entire board, fronts, sides and backs! I also like to use a small old towel to put the stain on. Some prefer to use a brush but I really like to get the stain worked into the wood.

DIY Chalkboard-6

And behold! The frame is complete and just need to be attached and hung!

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