Big Sur, California

Big Sur

While we were on our last minute getaway we decided to take a drive along the coast and see the sights along ever so famous Hwy 1. We ended up in Big Sur at Pheiffer Beach and didn’t want to leave! The views are breathtaking and the beach was so beautiful. Powerful, but beautiful to say the least. If you have never visited the beaches of Big Sur you will find the water is abnormally blue for a California beach. It’s almost tropical looking!
 Our beach water on the West Coast (in my opinion) tends to be cloudy and dark but not in Big Sur! The crystal blue clear water is really a sight to see! The waves that day were very powerful we didn’t want to take Maverick that close to the water. He had a great time playing in the sand and didn’t even really notice the powerful waves behind him.
While we were there we played in the sand with Maverick’s sand toys and took a few really neat photos! I can’t wait to go back, explore some more and stay in one of the amazing hotels Big Sur has to offer! To see more adventures of our trip you can head over to my Youtube channel or keep an eye out for an upcoming post on our visit to Monterey. Thanks for stopping by!

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