Christmas is here!

We knew it would be here we just didn’t think it would be here that fast! Christmas! The time we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ! We couldn’t be more thankful for our Lord and Savior and to be able to celebrate with all of our family and friends!
Being in the process of renovating a home doesn’t exactly make Christmas an easy thing, especially when you decide to make the big move the first week of December! But hey! All I can say is we did it! With the help of wonderful family, we made the big move and are in our home just in time for the holidays! Once we got settled in it wasn’t even a few days before we had our Christmas decor up! I wanted to share some photos of our first Christmas in our home. We didn’t put up as much decor as we usually do, but it was still enough to make our space feel festive in time for the holidays! We hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a great Holiday Season! Blessings!
We actually started out with one faux tree that was handed down to us but with our big window in the front we wanted something a little bigger after some thought. So we jumped into the car and visited a few local Christmas Tree Farms. We didn’t find what we were really looking for since a lot of the trees were picked over and they weren’t the “Evergreen’ tree we had in mind. We settled on a tree from Save Mart of all places! It was a great tree and was full!! It fit perfect in our big window and we moved the smaller tree into our dining room where it fit perfectly!



Mav had a blast at the Christmas Tree Farm. It was so cold and windy there but it didn’t phase him one bit! He was running up and down the rows and Christmas Trees and trying to pick up the irrigation hoses. He loved looked at all of the trees!



I love coordinating the wrapping paper, bows and tags every year! It kinda puts my OCD at ease! This year I picked white and gold and there was a little bit of black on the tags but not too much! I wanted to keep it pretty light this year!




After we gave our tree a little trim I always like to keep the clippings. I put them straight into water until I find a place for them. I used the trimmings underneath the glittery pine cones allover the house. I even added some small pieces into the stockings for some festive flair!








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