How to Decorate a Coffee Table

We all have that one table in the home that you just don’t know what to do with. For our home it’s our coffee table. It’s pretty much the most used table of all. It sits right in the center of our living room and seems to collect all things from toys, drinks, snacks, to remotes. Our coffee table is kind of a catch all for anything our toddler brings out. The stage of life we are in right now is definitely not the one where we want to put our most prized possessions out on the coffee table, with a toddler running around that could be really bad. So I wanted to share a few tips for how to decorate a coffee table. I am not a professional by any means, I like to style my home using things I have around my house or if I do purchase they are usually from places we all love like Homegoods, TjMaxx and Marshalls.

So lets break this down into steps here.
Here is our coffee table. Its pretty basic. It’s from Target, its been repainted a few times and made it’s way to black. We hope to get a new one soon but we’re working with what we got here so lets get started!

There are endless ways of how to style a coffee table but I usually like to start out with a coffee table tray. Depending on the style of your home will sway the style you want to go with. I like a more clean, minimalist style. (which also works best with a 2 year old running around) We have a rectangular coffee table right now so I’m going to stick with that shape and add a rectangular tray to fill in the space. This tray I found at Marshall’s and was $14.99. I love the modern industrial feel but with the wood accent as the bottom. It’s that Modern Rustic style I love SO much!
This part is easy! Everyone has books laying around their home! I  love when the books have an old feel to them, so I remove the paper covers and leave the hardback book. I do save the covers in case I want to use them later. If you don’t have any books like this lying around you can ALWAYS find them at antique stores, goodwill, and thrift stores usually very inexpensive. Lets face it, some of those beautiful hardcover coffee table books can cost you an arm and a leg! If your like me, shop around, ebay and thrift shops and you will eventually find what your looking for without paying for that high price tag! I like to play around with the colors of the books too. arranging them how I think they look best. I also don’t line them up exactly in a line, I sort of stagger them in a way which adds some dimension. In this case these books aren’t even old at all, they are actually books I have recently read and get to enjoy them allover again on my coffee table!
how to style a coffee table-8

I love candles! The look, the smells they’re a great way to add some ambiance and a great scent to your space. Some of my favorite candles are Aquisse and Voluspa. I always stop and smell the different scents when I am shopping. A lot of times I find things on clearance that I really like too. I picked this 3 wick candle up at Ross for $7.99. It’s got a nice shape, scent and I like that it has a really pretty patterned lid. You can also use tealights, in small jars or even a faux candle if your just looking for the ambiance without the scent.

how to style a coffee table-5

This step can also be fairly easy as well. I picked up this little succulent planter off the clearance shelf at Marshall’s for $3.99! I love the concrete look of the pot and the best part is it’s faux so I need not worry about killing this guy! The pot adds texture, the greenery adds color and is appealing for the eye. I placed it atop the stack of books for some height. I like to keep things functional around here so having something that will get in the view of the TV doesn’t really work for us here. It would just be a pain to have to move something around every time you sit down to see the tv. If your in a pinch and need a natural touch fast, try looking out in the backyard. Flowers from around the yard are always beautiful, a neat shaped branch or a small vase of greenery will work too! You can always find quick and beautiful flowers at your local grocery store as well!
how to style a coffee table-9
They say to use the rule of 3’s when decorating a table space, I stuck with that rule here but I don’t always apply it if something just doesn’t look right. In this case I like how these little brass elephants look but I am positive they will not stick around only because my little Maverick likes to play with them. What could be more fun than playing Zoo with mommy’s elephants? Something like this works perfect for our space and also is a good memory when I glance down at them and remember when we got them. I won’t go into full memory lane here but I found these at an antique store my family and I stopped at in Southern California. Brandon and I hadn’t been married for long and I had to have these brass elephants. Needless to say almost 8 years later, I still have them and love the memories of a simpler time in our lives. Not to mention they’re pretty hard to break since they’re brass and they’ve got a nice weight to them!

You can find something around the house that acts as a memento. I have seen really cute animals like these just spray painted gold as an easy DIY project too! Try to find something that is appealing from all angles of the room.
We have bottom shelf and that is where I keep the ugly remotes hidden. I found this little basket at Marshall’s for $4.99 and its perfect to store remotes and things that aren’t exactly what you want on display. It also adds texture to a dull and dark space down on that shelf.
how to style a coffee table-2
how to style a coffee table-10
I hope this post helped in some way with how to style a coffee table. I really just try to keep things simple and use what I can find around the house! Enjoy the rest of your week and hope you’ll stop by again!



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