Bedtime Essentials

Bedtime in our house is usually pretty easy for our little guy. We credit that to a strict night time routine that we have started since he was a baby. We pretty much go through the same routine every night and it works like a charm. There are always exceptions like if we're traveling, on vacation, holidays and family sleepovers (Yes our family has annual family sleepovers haha!) But for the most part he is quiet, ready for his books and ready for bed by 8 o'clock almost every night.

I thought I would share a few of Maverick's favorite bedtime essentials that really help him get prepared to get ready for bed.

We make reading a priority. He always gets 2-3 books every night depending on how long the book is. He will try and push the limits with the books and would probably stay up and read books all night if you let him. So he knows there's a limit to the books. Brandon and I both read to him as he lays in his bed with his blankets and a few of his favorite stuffed animals. Lately these have been his T-Rex Dinosaur and he always has his "kitty" tucked in on the pillow under the blankets right next to him. I (I'll save that story for another post). I wonder where he learned that!? ha.

Bedtime Blankets: Pottery Barn (The exact set Mav has are no available any longer, but this set is a close 2nd.)

Where's Spot? By Eric Hill - (This book he is OBSESSED with) He loves looking for Spot and finding all of the animals hiding behind the flaps!)

The Sleepy Little Alphabet By Judy Sierra - This is the cutest book, I love the play on words and rhyming and Maverick loves all of the funny things they do. We also sing the alphabet with the letters on the inside covers. This book is WONDERFUL!

Bla Bla Dolls (Kitty Cat) - Quick backstory Maverick had to have a "CAT Scan" when he was about 3 months old. Everything turned out okay but it was a scary moment for us and our family. That day I wanted to get him a little something for being such a trooper during his scan. I found this kitty "CAT" and he has loved it ever since. It was pretty much his teething toy while he was a baby and it continues to be his favorite night time pal as well. It's always with him. I must add it's quality is pretty great and has held up well.

Maverick has quite a few favorite books and things that I will share hopefully soon. Thanks for tuning in! Sweet Dreams :)



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