Haircut Tips for Toddlers

Maverick got his first haircut at about 9 months old. His hair was pretty wild as a baby! He rocked the baby mullet for a little while and then once he started getting mistaken for a girl it was time to pull the plug and cut it. Which his first haircut was done by my sister who does hair but she actually went a little short for my taste. I finally made the decision to look for a barber who he can go to all the time, walk in and get his hair done by the same guy every time. Someone who he will get comfortable with!

Mav at 7 Months

The first haircut with his barber was a little rough, the noises, the buzzing the other people. He pretty much cried through the entire haircut. One thing he does love about this barber shop is they have the old style chairs with the lever on the side that pull the chairs down for a shave. He loves to hold that lever and pretend it's some sort of control stick shift lever he's driving (That's a little boy for ya!)

I didn't give up hope, I continued to take him (and a treat) and by the 2nd time he was sitting there like a big boy getting his haircut! If your having trouble with the haircuts just hang in there! Keep at it, they get used to it! I take little treats for him a lollipop, his tablet, a Jamba Juice Smoothie. But he never really used them or even needs them now. But you never know what might help! For those wondering we have Mav's haircut done using a 1 or 2 on the sides (not exactly sure) and it's longer up top. I'm not 100% sure what the top is we just trust his barber! But it looks so darn cute on him every time! Hope this helps in any. Have a great day friends!



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