Kids Bedroom Organization

Good Morning All! Today I am sharing some tips for how I organize Maverick's room or any kids room! Lets face it organizing a kids room is no easy task but once you've bite the bullet you will feel that much better! I've put together a video down below to give some visuals if that helps! Then after all of that organizing all that's left is keeping it up and getting the kids involved in helping too!

 Staying organized for me really makes me feel a little more at peace. My environment effects my mood A LOT and when there is clutter and mess that's is how my mind feels if that makes any sense at all. Here are some tips to help you achieve your organization goals!


 1. Keep things neat and reduce clutter as much as possible.

 2. For Closet: Use ALL of the same hangers. Wooden hangers or felt hangers with metal hooks space things apart and look the most tidy in my opinion!

 3. For Closet: Keep clothes in order (either by color or sleeve length.) 

 4. Have a designated place for "dirty clothes". We use a hamper with a lid so your not having to see dirty clothes. 

 5. For Toy Storage: Label storage boxes and divide things up by "type" other toys that are odds and ends we put in the toy box.

 6.Utilize Wall Space: Use storage boxes and containers that can also go on a wall or on a shelf on the wall. This maximizes your storage space so much! 

 7. For Dresser: Use drawer dividers and storage containers. Divide up different items like socks, underwear, swim attire, hats etc.

 8. Keep clothing seasonal to maximize space. Keep off season clothes in attic or under bed containers etc.

 9. Shoe Storage: Use storage containers and even under bed storage to utilize your space. Store in attic, throw out or donate old things as their out grown as soon as possible.

 10. Art Supplies in our house are kept up high but they still can have cute containers! These metal storage tins are a great idea for separating all the art supplies. 

 Thanks for stopping by! -With Motherly Love 



  1. Awesome tips!! I love his room!!! I need to get into my kids room and organize again! Gosh, I swear I go through and organize every few months! It never stays organized though! :(

    Amber |

    1. Thank you Amber! Your so sweet! Thanks for visiting my blog! It's a never ending job, but it makes all the difference! ;)


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