Our First trip to Disneyland

Last week we took our first trip to Disneyland as a family! We hadn't been planning it for TOO long it was about 3-4 weeks in planning but felt like MUCH longer waiting for the day to come! It finally did and we loved every second of it! I plan on sharing some tips for taking a toddler to Disneyland this week! But for now I just wanted to share the good 'ol family trip video blog. 

Taking a toddler can be tricky and we did figure a few things out the hard way but we did pretty well about 90% of the trip! Stay tuned for that post but for now lets jump into the all of the other stuff!

We got to the park just after 8am as they were opening. We took the double decker bus that was parked in the front. I have never rode on that, it takes you straight to the castle and gives you a great view of everything from up high!

We hit some of the busier rides first (Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc)  We also saw Goofy and jumped at the chance of a photo op!

Jungle Cruise was a favorite! Mav's first time on a boat!

Waiting for a ride swap at Space Mountain.

Popcorn Wasted!

One of Mav's favorites to meet was "Fick" he calls him. He kept begging to go back to see him!

Mav and his sweet cousin Lilly.

Parade Watching Fun! 

This actually happened. This kid slept with his bubble wand wrapped in his hand!

The BEST balloon artist we have seen! At the IHOP across the street from Disneyland! He was AMAZING and so sweet to our little Mav!

We HAD to stop at the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney where they make FRESH Beignets all day long! I have never had one until that day but they are definitely a MUST! The tile floors are pretty cute too!

If you follow me on Insta you've already seen this one! @withmotherlylove 

This one (below) just cracks me up! He was being so brave! He had his hands up on the thrilling ride  in the chinese take out box! What a little adrenaline junkie!

And, ending with one of my favorites. Watching Maverick meet Woody was defifnitley one of the highlights of this trip. He lit up when he saw him. Watches the video over and over. Woody and Buzz are such heroes to him! Watching him get to meet these guys was so much fun. I may or may not have teared up a bit. Thanks for stopping by friends! Make sure you watch the video blog and SUBSCRIBE if you are a frequent youtube watcher!



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