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With everything this time of year being about "Back to School" I can't help but feel a little left out because Maverick doesn't go to school yet. However I can justify the feelings with I just get to spend more time with him so I should cherish it because he will be off to school before I know it!

With that said, I am getting things in order to start a morning routine with Maverick that will prepare him for entering preschool. With a background of being a preschool teacher and a behavior specialist working with kids with Autism, and working in After School Programs for over 12 years; I got this. I know with my experience I can teach my own child right? My biggest worry is he won't listen to me, haha! I know with structure and routine we can make it happen. I know not to overdo it, he's only 2. But I also want to make it as fun as possible and something that he looks forward to!

 I will be doing a more in depth post about this in the future; but for now, I am easing him into more educational things little by little. I have to say he's loving what I have been doing so far! He loves the counting, the singing ABC's, colors etc. He REALLY loves it when it's incorporated into something fun like painting, coloring, reading books. I have even taken the opportunity when eating and letting him make choices if he can say the color. (Do you want the PURPLE ice cream or the ORANGE while pointing to each color. He will then point to the one he wants and say the color.)

I wanted to share a few resources for some of the favorite websites I have been using to get free worksheets and printables from. I really encourage everyone to go on these sites and really look around! There are SO many tools and resources available for FREE! I hope this gives you some ideas and gives you a little boost to work with your little one. Enjoy mamas!

I LOVE the tracing. It's difficult to get a 2 year old to sit for more than few minutes and trace. I find if you make it fun, make sounds, (like a choo choo, tractor or car) while helping them hand over hand. They'll eventually want to do it them self. (My little guy does anyway) You can even go a step further by putting the worksheet in a clear sheet protector and letting them use an expo marker (with supervision) to trace the lines. Who doesn't like using expo markers?! (Be prepared for the tantrum when it's time to put it away, just sayin')

Numbers Letters & Tracing

Fun Coloring Sheets

Some Favorite Sheets I've recently Used:



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    We have over 100,000 coloring pages to choose from. All high quality and free to download :)


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