The Storybox Unboxing and Review

Reading is very important for our family. We read quite often and we have made really great habits of also reading to Maverick every night before bedtime. I have heard of a lot of different book subscription boxes and decided to finally try one out. After some research I finally decided to try the The Storybox. I really liked the quality of the books I saw in some reviews and I'll admit I'm a sucker for cute packaging! I love the modern logo, the fun wrapping that comes inside and the side activities and ideas card is a great way to incorporate some learning too! When we got our first delivery we couldn't wait to open it up and see what we got in this months Storybox! Check out a quick Unboxing and video review below! (Subscribe if your a frequent Youtube viewer to see more videos!)

I was quite impressed with the quality, I love hardcover books and these covers have that soft film over the hardcover if you know what I mean. They are just dreamy!

Maverick really loved surprises and he really enjoyed receiving the Storybox in the mail, opening it up and taking a look inside. If your on the fence I would say just try it! It's a month to month subscription service and you can cancel at any time if your not satisfied (but how could you not be!) I hope everyone had a great Monday! Thanks for stopping by!



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