Tips for Taking a toddler to Disneyland

Hey Everyone! We learned some new things on our first trip to Disneyland with a toddler. So for today's post I thought I'd share a few tips. These may work for you, some may not. Every child is so different! Hopefully this helps if your searching for some new ideas though! Enjoy! Check out this quick video I made to go along with this post. If your an avid youtube watcher like me, go ahead and SUBSCRIBE to see new videos! (It's free!)

1. PLAN AHEAD - Check which rides they can/ cannot go on. This saved us time because I pretty much already knew what he could and couldn't go on before we got to the park. He surprisingly was able to get on a lot. Check the theme parks website they should have height requirements there. I measured Mav at home and figured out what rides he was able to get on and what he'd have to pass on.

2. STAY AWAY FROM SOUVENIR STORES - You will not get out without a tantrum! We steered away from a lot of shops but did let our little get out and pick a few things when the time was right.

3. PLAN ACCORDINGLY FOR DINNER - If you make reservation for a nice dinner plan it accordingly. Plan so the dinner won't interfere with a nap or having to go back to the hotel for a quick change/nap or freshening up. We planned a late dinner (7:50pm) and he melted down as we were walking in. We didn't want to stay and push him through a dinner and ruin everyone else's as well. We ended up with Mcdonald's in the hotel and in bed by 9pm!

4.UTILIZE ALL FAST PASSES & RIDE SWAPS-  If you don't know what these are do some research HERE. These are a life saver. I don't think we would have had as great a trip had we not utilized these! The ride swaps are great especially if going with a group! We used these countless times and were able to get on our favorite rides with hardly any wait at all! I have linked both HERE and HERE if your not familiar.

5. NAPTIMES MAY VARY - If your kid is one of those who NEEDS his/ her nap definitely don't wing it and push them. Our little guy did fine the first day
with a 45 minute nap in the stroller. The 2nd day he pushed through without a nap all day (OUR mistake right there) He melted down right before our fancy dinner. He cried
the whole walk back to the hotel where he continued to meltdown over his bubble wand. We missed the World of Color Show (with the best seats in the park) and we were all in bed by 9pm. We definitely learned our lesson. If he doesn't nap in the stroller, next time he's going back to the hotel for a nap! Then we could have gone back, ate dinner and finished the with World of Color but everything happens for a reason right? I have to remind myself he's 2.  You have to be patient and forgiving if you don't get to everything you wanted to.

6. BRING AN EXTRA SET OF CLOTHES (FOR LITTLES)- This we also learned the hard way. I'm usually pretty good about bringing all of the necessities but in this case it was one more thing I didn't want to carry. He pretty much got completely soaked the first hour we were in A Bugs Land in the water play park. It wasn't very hot that day so he didn't dry very fast and was in wet clothes for hours. It may have contributed to the meltdown towards the end of the day.

7. DON'T FORCE THE KIDS ON RIDES/ CHARACTERS - Kids are just that- KIDS! Especially if they've never been on a ride or met a character it can be a little scary. Maverick's first ride was Pirates of the Caribbean. He did fine, although he did look freaked out. However I am glad my husband made the choice to keep him off the kids roller coaster in Toon Town. It was a little intense (even for me!)I'm glad he skipped that one even though he was tall enough. With the characters he was a little hesitant to meet Goofy (first character we met). But I didn't make him stand by himself and that probably gave him the confidence to take pictures, high five, and fist bump all of his favorite characters later on.

8. EMERGENCY NUMBERS/ CONTACTS - We didn't do this however I saw a mom with a kid and he had an address label sticker on his back. On the label it said "Karen" and her phone number below. I thought it was genius! It's so easy to lose a kid in a theme park, it happens ALL the time! If your comfortable with this idea I would say USE it! It can save SO much time and worry. Hopefully most people would see it and just call the contact number on there right away. It's just a label sticker that will hopefully stay on there all day. Maybe bring a few extras in case it falls off.

9. DON'T TRY TO DO EVERYTHING- I made the mistake of thinking we would get to see and ride everything at the park. Don't set yourself up for failure. When dealing with kids at a theme park it's just not realistic unless your going for more than a few days. They will enjoy what they DO get to see and ride (Even if it IS the carousel 3 times!) There will be other times for everything you missed.

10. DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF - Too much sugar, getting on the same carousel 3 times, wasting half of a $10 hamburger, spilling half of that Mickey Mouse popcorn. Just enjoy the time you have with your littles and have fun! After all, you go to a theme park for just that! FUN! Enjoy!



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