Traveling with Kids -TIPS-

Hey there! Our end of summer vacation is quickly approaching so I wanted to share some last minute tips with you all to ensure an easy (hopefully not rough) car ride!

So our little guy is 27 months. He usually does pretty well during car rides, he is a big sleeper in the car (lucky for us) but I am sure with a 5 hour drive he won't sleep the whole time. So today I am sharing some ideas we will be using for our road trip! I hope this may help you when traveling with your littles!


I'll admit I'm a little obsessive over things being organized. However this tip makes things so easy for your little one. By packing all of "their stuff" into their own bag it will give them some responsibility and give them a little Independence. Maverick loves carrying around his "pack pack" so for this upcoming road trip I've made sure to pack some coloring books, sticker books, crayons and his tablet. I also bring the charger that we can plug in if we need to but I keep that with all of our technology gear. These pouches I found at Target were the most perfect things! I also used them in packing other things like toiletries. For $3 at Target I may go back for more!


I am also one who likes to eat when we have a long trip ahead of us. I will make my hubby pull over at every fruit stand and/or fast food place if I don't get some snacks for the road. I packed some snacks in the medium pouch and hopefully keep us from stopping constantly while we're on our way.


We have a 5 hour drive ahead of us. It's not TOO bad but it might be challenging. To prepare for that I asked some favorite moms on instagram (@withmotherlylove) to share some of their favorite things to bring on road trips. I learned so many new things magnet boards on a cookie sheet, dollar spot toys, coloring things, tablets etc. I gathered some of Maverick's favorite things and he will ride with those. We bought him a new coloring book and crayons. I packed a few favorite toys and his tablet is loaded with movies and games he can watch and play. Fingers crossed!


One of my biggest pet peeves in being in a dirty space. It affects my mood and I can't stand it. Starting with a clear car, a clean car seat will make all the difference! Vaccuum, clean, wipe down, throw in the wash if need be. I would hate to sit strapped in a dirty car seat for hours, so make it as comfortable as possible for your little ones!


I packed an insulated pouch with waters and some extra plastic bags. A quick tip to get rid of the ice pack is to just freeze your water bottles too! It will keep them extra cold and last longer!

Thanks for stopping by everyone I hope some of these tips helped. These were more for entertainment type purposes while traveling. Stay tuned for more essential traveling tips!



  1. These are awesome tips!! I always pack lots of snacks as well ( my littles fav right now is the Yum Earth organic fruit snacks), toys, books and fun tunes to jam out to in the car😜 Currently we only jam to Barney but it keeps her distracted!
    I also always bring my Young Living Essential Oils certain ones are amazing to help make the car smell good and relax me and the little! Also keep hubby alert when driving😊
    Great post mama✌🏻️


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