How to Take Pictures with Kids

Just hold my hand! Nope he was too into that insurance magazine he'd found in the car...

Are you wondering how to get those adorable motherly fashion type photos with your kids? The type of photos that look like their reality is utterly perfect, their kids are perfectly angelic, perfectly posed, with an adorably cute background, clothes and everything else? Well, just go ahead and throw that idea out now! I'm 100% sure if you asked any mom blogger getting the perfect shot is no easy task but with some of these tips I'm sure you'll be on your way to getting that "perfect" shot you've been looking for! Don't get me wrong I am no expert by any means, but I do have some tips to help! Here are some of my very own tips that will help you figure out how to take pictures with kids. Let's be honest there are some pretty funny outtakes too! Enjoy!

Do you find some of your photos looking like this? (I am seriously laughing out loud right now, these are totally real outtakes of "photoshoots" I've done with my little guy!)

Or this?

Yep, That's me. Sitting by myself because Maverick was laughing it up behind the camera! That kid!

In my opinion the best pictures are the ones where there is life to them; the action shots. A posed picture is just that, POSED. When dealing with kids it's merely impossible to get them to sit still and pose for extended periods of time. Embrace the photos where their mid smile, making fun expressions, moving, taking a step, and enjoying life.

My little guy has really come around to loving pictures. Often times he is the one requesting his daily porch picture. But there ARE times when HE just wants to run the show and do things his way. When those times arise I try and make it fun by singing a song, playing a fun game (ring around the Rosie, gonna get you, tickle monster etc) while we are taking pictures. It may not be exactly how you envisioned but that's kind of how you gotta roll with kids right? Playing games and turning it into fun for him gets him to smile and enjoy the picture more so than dreading it.

My little guy almost ALWAYS has something in his hand, a sippy cup, favorite toy (that day) his hat etc. Make it fun! Allow them to take things that make them smile. I even let him take his bike or scooter for pictures. They bring so much fun to a picture!

If your not using these, you need to be! A tripod and a timer are KEY. It took some time for me to get out of my comfort zone and use these in public or even my front porch! I don't really care anymore. I found a really inexpensive tripod on Amazon ($15) for my iPhone that we use ALOT. I always use the timer on my iPhone as well. I try to use the 3 second timer but often times it just doesn't give us enough time so I usually use the 10 second timer and we enjoy trying to count down with it. I don't have a remote tripod (yet) but I know this is game changing at taking your own photos!

Yep, I said it. Bribery. Some photos I've taken my son is holding his bag of fruit snacks. That was his bribe. Steer clear of chocolate or anything "messy" that has potential to ruin the pictures. If your really good you can try to hold them off until after the picture but sometimes the bribe just makes it into the photo.

(Insta @WithMotherlyLove Caption:)
 "Forever trying to hold his hand, His will to want to be independent is SO strong! He definitely lives up to his name, Maverick!" 

When you think it was an epic fail of a shoot, don't fret! Just pick the best one, edit and try to work it in with a cute caption. I have been able to salvage some really cute shots because I wrote a cute caption! Sometimes it's better to just keep things real than post the utmost perfect shot! Most moms understand :)

I hope any of these tips helped. I plan on doing a more depth post in the future on the more technical side of how I take my photos. the apps I use, the editing, finding the best light etc. Let me know if this is something you'd be interested in reading. In the meantime, just have fun with your photos just find what works best for you, develop your own "style", have fun and say CHEESE! Thanks for reading ;).

-With Motherly Love



  1. The remote trick is the only way I get pictures with my little! She's old enough now that she wants to be in charge of the remote though... it definitely makes for some entertaining bloopers. =D Great post.


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