Soaring Over Ripon - Hot Air Balloon Festival

This is the second year we have been to Soaring Over Ripon (Formerly known as "Color The Skies") If you have never seen a hot air balloon in person all I can say is GO NOW! They are quite a sight to see! The sheer size of these beauties is will stop you in your tracks. The power of the flames and torches that power these can be pretty intimidating as well! So each year a small town nearby us, Ripon will hold their annual "Soaring over Ripon" Hot air balloon festival. There are about 8-10 hot air balloons that will all get inflated and take off between 6 and 7am that weekend. It is an EARLY morning to say the least but it is such a cool experience. This is our second year and we love going! There are great photo ops and tons of great food and vendors and also a fun carnival as well. If you have never seen the beauty of these things they really are a sight to see. Did you do any fun activites over the weekend? I'd love to hear! Thanks for stopping by friends!



  1. Absolutely stunning and looks like a great adventure! I would love to try this one day. So pretty!

    1. Thank you! It is SO much fun and pretty amazing to see in person! I highly recommend seeing these giants if you ever get a chance! Have a great day!


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