Fun in the Rain!

The last few years we haven't got a lot of rain in California, so when we do we get a little excited! My plans were to stay inside, cuddle up with some blankets and watch movies all day with the windows open listening to the rain! Maverick had other plans though. He begged to go outside, of course I had to let him as long as he agreed to bundle up!

He put on his raincoat, rain boots and beanie and was literally jumping with joy on his way out. He took his little Trolls (that go everywhere with him) to jump in the puddles with him. He loves the episode of Peppa Pig where they sing "Jumping Up and Down in Muddy Puddles" so it was only obligatory to sing the song for him while he jumped in puddles in the rain. Oh what my neighbors must hear and think! I decided to get the camera out and get some shots of him as I know these times will be long gone before I know it. I happened to get a few really cute shots that capture his sweet and innocent spirit.

I love the busy days but it is also with great joy that I love these simple days just having fun out in the backyard too. I am soaking up all of the sweet time with this boy while I can. Thanks for stopping by friends!

With Motherly Love,



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