Lake Tahoe 2016

We usually make it up to Lake Tahoe about once a year. This year we planned a trip for Brandon's birthday. It was going to be our first trip away without Maverick. Which wasn't easy but we did enjoy our trip and also missed him tons. As we drove away from Maverick's grandmas house I cried. So many questions in my head. Am I doing the right thing? What if somethings happens, will he be okay? Will I be okay? I almost felt like just not going but Brandon assured me it would be okay. 

We had a great view from our room, played in the casino all weekend and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the beautiful Lake Tahoe. We're not really big gamblers; we kinda just sit back and observe most of the time. From time to time I like to play a little Roulette. I ended up bringing home an extra $250 and a ton of fun memories with family. We stayed out pretty late one night listening to the band and gorging on Fatburger.

Our marble bathroom from floor to ceiling was pretty remarkable. I loved how this bathroom felt so luxurious! 

Overall it was great getaway. We made some pretty good memories and came home to everything going pretty smooth over the weekend. Well almost.. once we got home we realized our Yorkie, Pippa had got out and went missing while we were away. She ended up on the opposite side of town by hitching a ride in someones car. She ended up scratching on a lady's front door who kept her all weekend and put her mugshot on facebook. We eventually ended up finding her and getting her back. She slept in this lady's bed all weekend she told us. (Kind of weirded out by that..) We were glad to have found her and have her back. It gave us a good scare but ended up okay. This was the night we got home and Maverick was so happy to have his "good girl" ( he calls her) back! She was clearly over the moon to have her boy back too! 

Thanks for reading friends!

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