The Sky's the Limit!

Maverick is a pretty big fan of airplanes. He loves watching them, spotting them in the sky and they'll pretty much stop him in his tracks if he hears one close by. When we had the opportunity to see some up close we jumped at the chance. He was so excited when we told him where we were going. He even wanted to wear his airplane hat and got really upset when a piece of his goggles broke the night before. (Nothing a mom and glue gun couldn't fix though!)

We got to watch the aircraft fly in and meet the pilots who were all so sweet and welcoming to us. They pretty much all loved Maverick (whats not to love) and told him he's going to fly one day and he has the "look" of a pilot! It was pretty sweet! We had to laugh at one pilot who told us stories of how he takes his wife to dinner all the time because she likes to "fly" to dinner! They were pretty cute and we loved hearing their stories.

One mans story was pretty neat as he told us "Your never too old to reach your dreams!" he was 55 and had just got his pilot license a few years ago but he had dreamed of it his entire life. I love stories of inspiration like that! Another pilot shared with us that he started flying when he was a teenager and him and his friends would hang out at airports as often as they could just watching airplanes. (He is probably in his 60's now) It's pretty amazing.

My hope for my son is whatever he chooses to do in life is that he enjoys what he does and works at his goals with a whole heart of passion. It's pretty amazing what you can accomplish if you have a passion for what your doing. Work hard and don't ever give up on your dreams. (and maybe fly your wife to dinner too!) 

Thanks for stopping by friends. I hope you enjoyed your weekend and whatever it is that your working towards may this inspire you to keep working towards your dreams!

With Motherly Love,



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