A Look Back at 2016

2016 was full of memories, some amazing and some not so amazing. Regardless, I have so much gratitude for the most important things our family, faith and health.

We kicked off 2016 New Years Day with my Brandon waking up with a kidney stone, a whole full flu bug wreaking havoc in our house making the rounds several times throughout January. Once we surpassed January things got better. A trip to Disney on Ice was pretty fun. Little trips here and there to the beach, Maverick's first trip to Disneyland and our first trip away without Maverick to Lake Tahoe.

This year was a pretty significant year as I began taking my blog and Instagram a bit more serious and putting in more effort. By making small changes and commitments to my social media outlets and blog it has begun to pay off by making so many new friends, new networks and I was blessed to collaborate with some pretty great companies in 2016. I'm looking forward to what 2017 has in store and hoping to keep up the collaborations and continue to make and meet more new mama friends from allover the world.

When I look back at 2016 I am filled with feelings that are bittersweet, feelings of gratitude, sadness, happiness and excitement for what lies ahead. Life is not always easy but it's always worth it and with God leading our path I am sure there are amazing things ahead for us. So here's to 2017, may you all be blessed, inspired and your 2017 be filled with so much love and happiness.

 Here is a quick look back at some of our favorite memories of 2016.

Thank you all for supporting and inspiring me everyday. Happy New Year Everyone!

With Motherly Love,



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