DIY Dresser Makeover

A few weeks ago my sister passed this dresser down to me. It was a little older looking but still in good condition. The drawers still worked nicely and I liked the clean and simple lines the dresser had. I knew it would be a good piece to rescue! Here is the before. This photo was taken after I had already taken the hardware off and tried a dark blue paint color on it (which I hated and referred to as Cowboy's Blue)

...and here is one of Maverick who insisted "Mom, Me...Cheese!!" I think he will be a nudist one day. We cannot get this kid to leave his clothes on!

I went to the Hardware store and found some paint I liked. The paint I used was Valspar Aspire Paint in the color "Sculpting Clay". It is a light gray and turned out so pretty! I also repainted our nightstands to match and they too turned out great! I kept the original hardware on the dresser because it was still in great condition and had the look I was going for.

I used a standard interior paintbrush and just brushed everything on. It took two coats but with some Justin Timberlake cranked up the time really flew.

Here is the end result. I am pretty happy with it!

Have you taken on any projects lately? I'd love some inspiration! Thanks for reading friends!

With Motherly Love,



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