Holiday Cards by Simply to Impress

I am usually a plan ahead type of person. I got really behind this year on setting up a day to take holiday photographs for Christmas cards! Luckily, I stumbled upon and got inspired to do a quick photo session before Christmas!

So early December and spur the moment, my sister and I decided at 11am to get the kids bathed, dressed and attempt to do the same ourselves!We headed up into the hills for a shoot at 3:00pm. Needless to say, We pulled off the photo shoot! It was a quick shoot but those are the best when you've got little ones right?

The hills near our home are so gorgeous! There are rolling hills of grapevines and greenery everywhere! It was a little chilly out but not too bad! The kids had a blast running in the open rolling hills and bribing my sisters dog to behave in photos with slices of salamie.

The photos turned out great! At one time in his life my hubby was a wedding photographer so everyone in my and his family gets a little spoiled with the great photography. Except when we want HIM in the photo! It's tricky to get the photos as good as Brandon would take them but we pulled it off and somehow manage to get them done almost every year. I'm glad we got this little session in! Our little ones grow up so fast it's important to remember this present time before they grow up and are out on their own.

We used to print our holiday cards. They turned out so beautiful and Simply to Impress did a fabulous job at designing so many beautiful templates, it was tough to choose a design!

If you are late (like me!) on the Christmas Cards there is always New Years cards and those are always a fun card to receive in the mail too! Simply to Impress does not only specialize in Holiday Cards but also Invitations, Announcements, stationary and they even have some of the cutest gifts available to purchase as well!

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays! Thanks for stopping by friends!

With Motherly Love,



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