Our Christmas Holiday-2016-

When I was growing up there was nothing like Christmas morning but now that I have become a parent I have to disagree. In my opinion, Christmas morning is far better as a parent.

Being able to see the excitement, the anticipation, the magic of Christmas morning, taking part in all of the events that lead up to Christmas is such a magical time.

Not only are the holidays a magical time but I also try to incorporate and teach Maverick the reason we celebrate Christmas and it being Jesus birthday.

I have a funny story to share actually. We were getting ready for our Christmas Day dinner at my moms and were going around lighting candles. When my mom picked up the last candle I lit the candle and asked Maverick who's birthday it was that day. He answered Jesus (and melted my heart) then it was my moms idea to sing Happy Birthday around the candle. As we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus (sweetest moment ever) Maverick blew out the candle. We clapped and watched the smoke rise. I moved in with the lighter but had not yet pressed the button to light the candle. All of a sudden the candle re-lit itself and a flame appeared. My mom and I saw what had happened and at the same time said "Whoa!!" It was pretty miraculous and we knew the holy spirit was present at that very moment. It was pretty special.

These were one of the treats we made for our Christmas Eve party. These are always a hit, fun to make and very festive looking! I also made chocolate dipped shortbread and rolo stuffed snickerdoodles. (which are amazing if you've never tried! Recipes are linked!)

The car Maverick got from his grandma and grandpa was such a surprise. His eyes lt up and he had the biggest smile when he saw his car rolling in. I think his favorite part is the tailgate and the gas cap. He loves to load it up and "get gas" like mom!

I hope everyone had the happiest of holidays in 2016. I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for following along with my blog. I appreciate all of the support and encouragement, to do what I love. Thank you.

With Motherly Love,



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