Sneak Peek Christmas Decor

I wanted to share a quick peek at our living room that is almost ready for the holidays! I still need to finish the ribbon around the tree but I just couldn't wait to get some photos of what we've been working on. I'm going a little bit more minimalist this season. I'm trying to stay away from things looking really cluttered as our house doesn't have a ton of extra space.

Maverick is really excited for the holidays. We already broke out Elf on the Shelf which he calls "Yelf". He enjoys finding him in new places every morning and gets REALLY excited when Yelf brings him a treat from Santa!

Maverick wanted to help a little bit with the tree but did get a little distracted after about 10 minutes. He found the fluffy birds in the ornament box and decided it was more fun to "play birds" which was okay with me. Boys just don't get that into the decorating stuff I feel.

Anywho, here are some quick photos. I hope to be doing more around the house and I will share those as soon as we are completely done! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season so far!

With Motherly Love,



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