A Pinecrest Getaway

Summer is starting to close in on us, Mav will be starting school soon and I'm trying to soak in every moment with him before he's off to preschool and the new baby will be here with the start of the new year. There are a lot of changes going on so a fun getaway to the mountains with the smell of fresh Pine Trees in the air was just the ticket.

We met some family up there and enjoyed a few days in a cabin. We also spent a day at Pinecrest Lake on a Pontoon fishing the day away. It was a pretty memorable trip and one for the books.

This little boy was so content sitting on the boat with me just fishing the day away. For a three year old to be so content on a boat all day is pretty miraculous.

One of Mav's favorite things of the day was being able to drive the boat with his uncle Will.




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