Santa Cruz Summer Fun

Summer is in full swing and we couldn't love it any more! The triple digit weather we have been having is a little excessive sometimes and you can only swim so many times in a week before you start getting "burnt out". So we packed up and headed to Santa Cruz for the weekend. It was the perfect little vacay to escape the heat and enjoy some time with family.

Mav has had an itch to ride roller coasters lately (it must be all of the amusement park commercials). Of course he can't go on any serious roller coasters but he was so content on the toddler rides and the toddler dragon coaster.

It wouldn't be a vacay without the many photos and videos I take in order to put together a little video to reflect on our fun time. I enjoy making them but Mav is really the one who has come to really enjoy them. He loves looking back and remembering the fun vacations. It has really become a fun way to document our journey and travels.

Mav was really excited when he found an good sized full seashell in the sand (which he later dropped, broke and cried over) Poor little guy. He also found some really neat pieces of Driftwood he did get to bring home.

The sights and sounds of the Boardwalk are always a good memory to have. Maverick had so much fun riding rides and playing games. He is a natural at riding the (toddler) roller coaster and screamed the whole way through riding with dad. He was such a good sport!

His smile said it all as he rode the airplanes. He loved controlling the plane to go up and down and what a neat view as he flew right along side the beach.



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