A Shift with His Presence

As I began to settle in for bed I noticed the light shining through my window and in between the cracks of the long curtains it had created a cross with the light on my wall. I immediately thought "Oh wow! That reminds me, I need to pray."

After being at a women's conference Friday and Saturday and hearing Sheila Walsh speak so fervently about praying to God and bringing your requests to him(Philippians 4:6); I knew I wanted to spend some time praying about something that has been on my heart for the last few months. 

 As I begin to pray I can hear our restless baby, Phoenix next to me. I can hear him grunting and uneasy. I began to laugh to god and ask "Please god, just let him sleep tonight. Give me and this baby some rest. Show me your way and guide me to where you.." (Interrupted by more grunting) I stopped praying and picked up that sweet boy and rocked him to sleep. As he began to drift off to sleep so did I, so I laid him in his co-sleeping crib next to me and fell right asleep. 

The next time my eyes opened I grabbed my phone to look at the time to realize it was 3:00am on the spot. Frantically I reached for the baby to see if he was still breathing. I thought to myself “Surely there’s no way he could have been sleeping this long.” I felt his chest and it wasn’t enough, I reached for his hand to only wake him and hear him grunt angrily as he awoke. I slowly let him go as I told myself “he’s okay, he was sleeping!” As I rolled back over (phone sitting by my pillow) I felt awake. So I did what any woman would do at that point. I opened up my amazon prime app and began to think of what I “needed”. As I began to scroll, a voice came to me. It said “You asked for him to sleep” it was HIM. I immediately shut my phone off and bowed my head to hear what he wanted to share with me.

In short, I began to feel him share with me about using my gifts to honor God and bring glory to the father, while sharing my motherhood experience. The name for this post also came at this time and as it was almost clear.  I felt I was envisioning “his presents” but I kept feeling him say “no. PRESENCE” I thought to myself, "Presence? Is that even a word? No, I like presents.” I felt it again, “PRESENCE.” I pulled up Google on my phone because I thought; I don’t even know if that makes sense, A Shift with His Presence?" How do I even spell it? I typed in my best spelling “precense“, Google correctly came up saying “Did you mean PRESENCE?” Even Google was obeying! I clicked it and got this. 

I read it and knew. I told him okay God. Presence. I get it. Reminiscing on this sweet time with him I now understand. I don’t have to “get it”. When you feel him telling you to do something you should trust it. I don’t need to understand but I do need to trust that he is God, and he has me (and you) in the palm of his hand. His promises are just that, promises. Time and time again he has told me “I got you.” and yet I still question him. The title of this post is so clear to me now. A Shift with His Presence. 

With this new awakening, I’m turning a new chapter and letting him lead. I need to put my trust in him and know he will lead me to where he needs me. Mother Theresa once said “I am a pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world” and it couldn’t be more true. 

My baby started to wake and as I felt so at peace with what had just taken place. I thanked God for that sweet time with him. I thanked him for the new knowledge I had just gained and yes, the rest he gave me and my baby boy that I had laughingly asked for. He really does hear every prayer. Every word and every thought.



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